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We document a slice of life on film.

We want to tell true stories that reach the viewer, cause him or her to reflect on things, and also entertain at the same time. We are curious about conflicts of interest arising in human coexistence. We take a critical look at social developments and the upheavals and ruptures of our times.

What fascinates us is the unpredictable - events that happen all of a sudden. These unforeseeable moments of real life harbour a poetry that is not to be found in any fiction film.


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Web videos - in the form of short reports, interviews or records of events - have become indispensable in this media age, if the websites of companies, foundations, societies and associations are to be successful.

We produce shorts for various clients to present ideas, events or important messages in a manner that makes for good publicity (incl. steadicam and drone).

Working with the client, we develop concepts for video clips to be distributed online by viral marketing.

Music video

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A video to match the song. We create music clips in keeping with your wishes and with creative concepts.

Attractive music videos are a combination of classic real film, graphical elements and digital development in postproduction.

Specific niche products find their very special audience on the internet by an imaginative translation of music into film. This way they no longer need to be mass-compatible.


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We conceive and produce documentary or expressive portraits of people on film.

The camera follows individuals or groups (artist's groups, bands, etc.) at work, in the realization of an idea or execution of a project, at special events.

The focus is on the person. We are looking for emotional moments and let the pictures speak for themselves. Authentic material, including archival footage, is augmented with graphic elements and motion design as required.