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Mietrebellen Mietrebellen Mietrebellen Mietrebellen

RENT REBELS - Resistance against the sellout of the city

Documentary about the Berlin movement against raising rents and its activists in the years 2011/2013.

Berlin - In the last years the capital has changed a lot. Flats that once were unattractive are now being used as secure investment objects. The transformation into owner-occupied flats and massive rent increases become an everyday phenomenon.

The visible tenant protests in the vibrant metropolis of Berlin are a reaction to the growing shortage of affordable housing.

The movie is a kaleidoscope of the tenants struggles in Berlin against their displacement out of their neighbourhood communities.

Ranging from the occupation of the Berlin town hall to a camp at Kottbusser Tor, the organised prevention of evictions and the struggle of senior citizens for their community center and age-appropriate flats, a new urban protest movement is on the rise.

Documentary by:
Gertrud Schulte Westenberg and Matthias Coers
D 2014 | 78 min. | OmeU

Mietenstopp Mietenstopp Mietenstopp

MIETENSTOPP - The damn rent is too high!

Documentary about the Berlin demonstration against raising rents and its activists in the summer of 2011.

The gentrification process has made deep inroads into the German capital's inner city districts, but the people of Berlin, organized in so-called "neigbourhood initiatives" are not giving up their fight and organize a large demonstration against rent increases, displacement and poverty.

The demonstration is of an entirely new character: no political parties - but instead a broad base in the neighborhoods. Both, the pensioner from bourgeois Zehlendorf, as well as political activists from Kreuzberg, carry their protest on the street together.

The timing of the event is deliberately chosen - the activists want to send a signal shortly before the elections in Berlin. They have lost their faith in political parties as representatives of their interests.

Documentary by:
Anthony Lew Shun, M. Lutz and Gertrud Schulte Westenberg
Germany 2012 | 87 min.

Full house at the Mietenstopp movie premiere in SO36 / Kreuzberg
Mietenstopp at



Documentary about the lives of three people on welfare in Berlin in 2009/2010.

"HARTZcore" takes a look at the realities of life for three people on welfare in Germany who are enrolled in a job cration scheme for the long-term unemployed. These jobs pay one euro per hour on top of the benefits, which is why they are colloquially referred to as one-euro-jobs.

The film explores the contradictory situation of its protagonists. Their lives are hanging in the balance, the job creation scheme feels like slave labour, they sympathize with bombers - and at the same time still feel happy in their one-euro jobs. For them, the job creation scheme is almost like a family.

Detlef, 46, long-term unemployed and homeless, currently lives in a men's hostel, would like a flat of his own and most of all to get off the booze. He was born in Berlin-Neuköln, has no qualifications and never learned a trade. At least the one euro job gives him the stability required to take a short break from drinking now and then...

Bettina, 42, a single mother with two 13-year old twins and a grown-up son, is not sure how much longer she will be able to keep up a "normal" life. The worry about her son, who suffers from epilepsy and the daily struggle to survive on welfare (in Germany the so-called Hartz IV) are a constant strain on her.

Achim, 52, is a so-called occupation child from a relationship between a German woman and a member of the Allied Forces, is an ex-junky, ex-bank robber and ex-convict, thinks taht he has no chance of ever getting a proper job and feels abandoned by the state and society. It is not that Achim is lacking motivation or interests. He enjoys his gardening work - but his past will not let him go.....

Documentary by:
Anthony Lew Shun, M. Lutz and Gertrud Schulte Westenberg
Germany 2010 | 87 min. | OmeU