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The "filmfabrik" (film factory) is a partnership of various independent filmmakers in Berlin. We capture reality using various formats in different constellations / project teams. The focus is on documentaries, portraits and internet clips.


Gertrud Schulte Westenberg

Studied education in Bielefeld and Economics in Berlin. Works as a project developer in the areas of culture and education and as an independent filmmaker. Lives in Berlin.


  • Cabuwazi Beyond Borders - 2015/2016 (director)
  • Dragon Circle - 2015 (director, editor)
  • Mietrebellen / Rent Rebels - 2014 (director, editor)
  • Mietenstopp! / The damn rent is too high - 2012 (editorial, production)
  • HARTZcore - 2010 (editorial, production)


M. Lutz

Self employed since 1999 as a programmer. Music and sound mixer. Various projects and publications. 2D/3D graphic artist. Photography. Lives in Berlin.


  • Dragon Circle - 2015 (camera, music)
  • Mietrebellen / Rent Rebels - 2014 (music, sound mix, grading)
  • Mietenstopp! / The damn rent is too high - 2012 (music, sound mix, graphics)
  • HARTZcore - 2010 (music, sound mix, graphics)

Plus further experienced freelance film creatives specializing in editorial work, camera, editing, music, sound and graphics.